When we meet tie dye in current life,and do it by ourselves,we need to know
Traditional handicraft -- tie-dye
Tie-dye, known in ancient times as tie, twist, clip and dye, is a traditional and unique Chinese folk dyeing process in which fabric is partially ligated during dyeing so that it cannot be dyed. It is one of the traditional Chinese manual dyeing techniques.

Tie-dye process is divided into two parts: tying and dyeing. It is used to tie, sew, bind, attach and clip the fabric by means of yarn, thread and rope, etc., and dyeing is carried out after a variety of combinations.

It is characterized by a printing and dyeing technique in which threads are twisted into knots in the printed fabric, then printed and printed, and then the knotted threads are removed.It has more than 100 variety techniques, each with its own characteristics.Such as the "winding", rich color, natural changes, endless interest.What is even more amazing is that when you tie every flower, even if there are thousands, when you dye it, the same flower does not appear.This unique artistic effect is difficult to achieve mechanical printing and dyeing process.


In recent years there have been a number of new creative paintings,

There are water extension painting, leaching powder painting, fluid painting.

The fluid paintings are very popular on Instagram.

It doesn't require you to have a lot of sketching skills,Just stock up on paint.

Generally speaking, fluid painting is achieved by the flow of paint,You can pour several paints on the canvas separately,Use a spatula or rotate the canvas to achieve flow,

You can also use several different colors of paint,Pour into disposable cups along the sides

Remember not to stir!

Then press the cup upside down onto the canvas,Slowly remove the glass again, so that the paint is evenly distributed.And then I rotate the canvas

Let the paint flow to the edge by gravity,Let it dry, and a fluid painting is done!

The main material for fluid painting is propylene,Add the propylene thinner.

It becomes a fluid,You can also add a few drops of silicone oil,Achieve the bubble effect

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