When creativity meets painting

    Creativity is a philosophy that breaks the conventions, a holy circle that guides progressive sublimation, an intellectual expansion, a cultural heritage, and a shining shock.It is a cycle of creation and destruction;Is macro micro according to the set, is the point of the grasp of momentum;Is to jump out of lushan outside the train of thought, beyond the self, beyond the conventional guidance;Is the magic combination of intelligent industry economic rubik's cube;Is the release of the energy of think tanks and think tanks;It is deep emotional and rational thinking and practice;It is the collision of thoughts and the docking of wisdom.It's creative systems engineering;It is the process of investing in and creating the future.In short, originality means novelty and creativity.

      As far as painting is concerned, creativity is an indispensable and important element of art works.A good idea can become the soul of a painting, bringing the inanimate painting to the shock of thinking beyond the painting itself.So how to inspire creativity to bring different works? Here are some Suggestions on how to stimulate creativity.


The most familiar creative thinking strategy is Brainstorming, which was proposed by American Osborn as early as in 1937. This method emphasizes the method of collective thinking, and encourages the participants to create a lot of ideas within a given time and create new ideas from it.Although brainstorming is mainly carried out in groups, it can also be used to stimulate thinking when individuals are thinking about problems and exploring solutions.The basic principle of this method is: only put forward the idea and not evaluate;Don't limit your thinking space. Encourage as many ideas as possible.This method is mostly used for teamwork.In terms of painting creation, the application of brainstorming is to find materials and browse through the excellent works of predecessors and contemporary artists. Their wisdom will provide you with a lot of help.

2.Mental mapping

Mind Mapping is a thinking method that stimulates thinking and helps to integrate thoughts and information. It is also a thinking strategy based on image of ideas.This method mainly USES the concept of chart type, with lines, graphics, symbols, colors, words, Numbers and other ways, the idea and information quickly with the above various ways of summary down, into a Mind Map (Mind Map).Structurally, it has the characteristics of openness and systematicness, which enables users to freely stimulate the expansive thinking and exert the associative power, and organize all kinds of ideas hierarchically to stimulate the brain to make various responses, so as to give full play to the diversified functions of the whole brain thinking.

3.The Mandala method

The Mandala method is a thinking strategy conducive to expansive thinking. It USES a picture like a grid diagram to write the theme in the center, and then writes all kinds of thoughts or associations caused by the theme in the remaining eight circles. This method can also be combined with the "Six Methods" to think from various aspects.

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