Six drawing tips to make a good painting

If you want to learn painting well, it is actually not difficult to master skills, good at observation, repeated training is enough.Here are 6 tips for drawing. If you need them, remember to take a notebook and write them down.

1. Draw with heart and correct attitude (prerequisites)

You have to believe that you can't draw because you can't draw, not because you can't!

Pay attention to the things around you, you will find the beauty of life.

2. Focus on the topic (don't assume that just because you're in the middle of it, it's ok)

In fact, the center will make the work seem old-fashioned and monotonous. 

3. Pay attention to contrast and contrast

If a painting is all small or all big, it will look old-fashioned.

The contrast makes the composition more interesting.

4. Close shots

Set off the distant view with the near scene, make the picture rich and beautiful.(Especially natural landscapes, super practical)

5. Focus on light and shadow

Where there is light, there is shadow, and everything we can see is because there is light.Light and shadow are an essential part of painting!

6. Leave some white space

The screen should not be too full. Generally speaking, the border position should be whitened appropriately.Wrong demonstration:

In fact, there are many other aspects to pay attention to, such as color collocation, variety of elements, the rule of odd Numbers and so on.But master these 6 tips and your painting will never be bad!

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