The process of corolla conversion from paper jam is simple

It is very easy to make flowers from paper jam by hand. It can not only exercise children's manual ability, but also improve their aesthetic taste and cultivate their thinking.Today, xiaobian for you to introduce a paper jam to make a beautiful crown method, the steps are very simple oh.

Materials and appliances: paper jam, scissors, glue stick, pencil

How to do it:

1. Cut two pieces of paper from the green card and stick them together

2. Cut several squares of different colors and fold them into 1/4 size. Cut out a petal shape as shown in the picture above

3, expand the paper, four petals on the outline

4. Cut some yellow stamens and green leaves

5. Stick the petals, stamens and green leaves together to form a complete flower

6. The flowers are arranged in a row, glued to a green strip of cardboard

7, different sizes of flowers stick together, more than a few layers look better

8. Cut out the extra card strips according to the head size

Stick to the strip, the flower crown is done!Try it on

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